Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Traditional Correspondence...

In these modern times of email, texting, facebooking, tweeting...what have you.... it's becoming a lost art (at least for me) in the thoughts of sending a note...aside from the nice thank you notes every now and then.
A few days ago, a family friend popped into my head. I hadn't been thinking of any particular memory, or any was just boom! I thought of her. Well, in that instant I thought "Hey, I should send her a thinking of you card."  And she's not on facebook - even if she was - I should still send a note. Maybe it would make her day.  And that's when I realized that part of the reason snail mail is so unpopular is because it quickly entered my head that I didn't have time to sit and write a card.  But then I proceeded to think about her 4-5 more times...and realized in the time it took for me to remind myself that I didn't have time..I needed to just do it. And low and behold I did it the next day - TODAY.  I got back from lunch a few minutes early, and wrote it at my desk.  Lucky for me, I keep a sheet of stamps in with my box of stationary. This is a good habit to keep (especially now that they sell those forever stamps!)  So I dropped it in the mail and we'll see.
I came up with a cute little poem since I didn't exactly know what to say.  Perhaps if you have a nice card or something, you may send someone special a note to brighten their day. Just sit down and do it!  Getting mail these days that is something happy - and not junk or advertisements - is always a nice surprise.

A small little note
because I thought of you today,
and so I said a short prayer
hoping everything's okay.
I send you this card
that I'm thinking of you,
and hope your day is a little more cheerier too!