Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cute cups!!!

On my first menu post, I wrote about some cute GLAD containers. Well, I have used these so much this week, and since this blog was clearly hurting for a post with pictures...I thought I'd talk about these.

Granted, most "tupperware" cabinets are an unorganized, scattered clutter of plastic mixing bowls, plastic coffee/water mugs (I seriously believe these things multiply by themselves)and then the endless array of storage containers for "dun, dun, duh...leftovers"  So, the last thing I needed was more containers. my quest to conquer the evil "eating out budget" I had to get containers for snacks and small sides...because let's face it, 10am and 3pm munchies are the root of all evil in corporate offices..thus causing a visit to co-workers' offices for a "grazing" of whatever candy they have while you form some assemblance of a conversation to hide your true meaning for stopping in....or get into the kitchen where there are "halved" Krispy Kremes, or remnants of weekend birthday cakes (i.e. fill in your guilt here.)  Who can help the sugar???

In my first menu post - as well as future additions - I will be listing the snacks and sides for lunch and these CUTE!!! containers are just the perfect size to not only store...but also maintain portion control. 

So, I bought them. and I'm in La-La-Love with them!!  The interlocking lids will hopefully be of some use to my cabinet and keep me struggling for missing pieces.  If you don't have these...get some!  And yes, my dishwasher is out of forgive the spots!   

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!