Sunday, October 2, 2011

Candy Corn Cheese

First, let me apologize for this picture.  I was trying to finish the lunch for the kiddos and this was a last minute thought.  I wanted to add some cheese to their lunch, but I was growing tired of just using cookie cutters.

I cut slices of: Vermont Cheddar (Orange layer), Kraft American (Yellowish layer), and Baybel in the red wax (White layer).

Cut rectangles all the same size and stack on top of each other.  For this, I did 6-7 rectangles for each of the orange and yellow layers.  Next, unwrap the Baybel cheese and cut in half.  Depending on how thick your orange and yellow layers are, you may have to shave off some thickness from the Baybel wheel.  Line up as shown and then using a knife, cut two 45 degree angles making the signature triangle shape of a candy corn.  I slid the knife under this to transfer it to the lunch plate and bento.  
In the bento, I placed it on top of a chunk of apple underneath the cheese so that it would sit together nicely - and who doesn't love apple and cheese together? YUM!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween Pocket Sandwiches

I purchased some frozen bread dough as a back-up on one of my other experiments, but it ended up coming out alright - so I had these sitting in the freezer, collecting crystals.

You just need to defrost this bag and even though the pieces are sectioned off for you already - feel free to use more or less, depending on your sandwich.

Once its nice and soft, stretch it out to a thin square and then begin pressing into the mold. Don't worry about filling in every crevice - as it bakes it will shape perfectly.  Pinch away the excess as necessary.  If you are happy with it, then take some of your deli meat (and if you are using cheese) and roll it up to fit in the center.  For this, I used deli ham and white cheddar - rolling up together. 

Take another piece of the bread dough - again making a thin square and place over the mold.

 Finally, pinch everything in sealing it up the best that you can.  Bake at 350, for about 12 min. I noticed that if I left a little escape hole when pinching it together, some of the oils would drip down in the mold making the shape nice and brown.  Therefore, you may consider brushing the inside of the shape with a little butter.

Ta-da! The end result. 

The fun thing about this is that you don't have to fill them with anything!  You could actually take the dough and push in whole to make some fun themed dinner rolls!  But, the list is endless for fillings - you could do pizza sauce and cheese, any dessert pie filling, cookie dough - maybe?  Oh, I'm just going to get myself into trouble with these.  Guess I will need all of the seasonal baking pans!

So if you have other ideas on what to do with these, please leave a comment! Don't be shy! We are all here to learn, right?