Friday, June 6, 2014

Has it been THAT long?

Gee whiz, where does the time go?  Why don't we say that anymore?  The "gee whiz" part. There's no such thing as an "outdated" saying. Better than some other acronyms these days. Ok, so any how - it's been long - yes, I get it. My kids, as are most all of yours, have taken the front seat on my entire life for the past ...ummmm... two years, and I have been TIRED. Aren't you tired?

Did you know there is a Gee-Whiz Diner? It's in NYC - you know, the city that never sleeps.

When did we stop sleeping?  Goodness, we are so fast paced and going down a dark road of unhealthy, yet we STAY tired. We purposely stay up to watch late night TV, something other than the cartoons (that wild west song from that cartoon...make it stop!) - Jimmy Fallon - geesh, (yes, another) he is funny. And then we get to folding some clothes, or picking up toys in the house...oh and we finally have some motivation suddenly to do more because the house is quiet and Lord knows, it needs it.

That's the thing though, our body is already tired. When we get this extra kick of motivation, it is not good. It means we've already passed "our" bedtime.  Trying to squeeze a few more MBs on an almost full hard drive - day in and day out - is what's doing us in.

Oh and then the anxiety, right?  Laying in bed thinking......What if?  What do I do when? Oh, I didn't (insert excuse here) drink enough water today - I should just go have a glass.

Out of bed. Start again.

All this brings me to just getting to vent - that I know I am not alone. Blogs are great for that. However, that doesn't ease the pain.  It doesn't make it easier.  We are fighting against each other.  Pick up your's right there next to you. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, 232 Unread emails because I signed up for all sorts of deals that I don't want to miss. I should go through these since I can't sleep - That will make me sleepy.
No. It. Won't.

Phone down, darkness.  Ok, maybe low music...really low.  Plug your charger in too so you don't drain it. Now, just shut it off. Close your eyes and think of your kids. Their smiles. Sleep comes.

Now, try to do this at 10....maybe even 930. PM.  Get there. I'm praying for you, and you can do it. We need to be great mothers - it's a lot of pressure.  Sleep.  Eat, good food. Teach, your children well. Love them with all that you do.  Just be sure and get some sleep. It is time.