Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Theme Lunch #12 (Halloween Bento)

Okay, okay. It's the end of the Halloween week, so I'm going to be done with the Halloween theme.  I need to start focusing that it's November and only 59 days left of the year! Wait, WHAT!?!?!?!

I've been sketching down a few ideas of turkey thoughts and trying to come up with a cornucopia of ideas. (a la Three Stooges - yuk, yuk yuk).  And there's Veteran's Day coming up, so that will have to be something patriotic.  I am also working on some ideas for crafts.  Even though I'm pretty dedicated to food here, I hope to share some ideas or attempts that I may try.  Pinterest is such a wonderful site and has given me some fun projects to put on my "to-do" list.

And now - for what you are here for...

Plated Lunch:

 - Halloween Pretzels (that we received Trick or Treating); I love these!

 - Apple slice eyes, sugar snap pea nose and half an Oreo to make a silly face
 - Last bit of Halloween Pasta mixed with a parmesan alfredo sauce, leaf cookie cutter cheese slices
 - Ghost Fluffanutter sandwich with two chocolate chips for eyes

Bento Version:

 - Apple Slice (left side)
 - Cup of Halloween pasta mixed with alfredo sauce and topped with two cheese pieces from a leaf cookie cutter
 - Sugar Snap peas
 - Halloween Pretzels
 - Half of an Oreo (along side of the pasta & cheese)
 - Ghost Fluffanutter sandwich with peanut eyes and chocolate chip mouth