Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween theme Lunch #11 (Pumpkin Bento)

I can't admit that Halloween is over.  As I said before, it is 2nd on my list of favorites. I'm just not ready to put away the cookie cutters and fun yet.  Sure, the decorations can come down - but not the cookware.  As it turns out, I have supplies I didn't even use this month! 

So, when I settled down with my nice glass of wine after two and a half hours of trick or treating, it came to me: use the baking molds and make little pocket sandwiches!

I got this Halloween baking cookie pan as a gift, and kept trying to get to a point in the day when I could make some cookies...but with two little ones, it just didn't happen. But with some store bought bread dough, lunch meat and cheese - presto - little pocket sandwiches you can serve hot or cold (well, I mean AFTER you bake them.)

And who says, you can't bake Halloween cookies in November?!?! I've got another 30 days to try!

Plated Lunch:

 - Two pocket sandwiches with Ham and White cheddar. (How-To do this)
 - Snickers candy (for dessert) - I have to take this off when Thing 1 sits down to eat, or he will eat it first!
 - Potato stix and a Mellowcreme pumpkin
 - Roasted pumpkin seeds - he ended up not liking these, even though I sprinkled with Italian seasoning, garlic powder and parmesan cheese
 - Cheese candy corn - I made this with Vermont orange cheddar, Kraft American cheese, and a Baybel.  You can see my post on that here.
 - Pumpkin cookie cutter with apple slice
 - Carrot pumpkins - My little guy is not keen on carrots, so I only gave him two.

Bento Version:

 - Two pocket sandwiches with Ham and White cheddar. (How-To do this)
 - Pumpkin seeds (I ended up taking these out for her, because she's still a little young)
 - Apple slices made with a pumpkin cookie cutter
 - Carrots cut into pumpkins
 - Potato stix and a Mellowcreme pumpkin
 - Cheese candy corn - I used a Baybel (white), Kraft American cheese (yellow), and Vermont Orange Cheddar (orange).  More on that here. (posting coming soon)